Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dog Update

It's been a couple days since she's been home and I have to tell you - the first day she was aggressive. Now however she is fine. She is actually sweeter than she was before this happened, I think. Or I'm looking at her in a new way. PLUS we are running around the block everyday at 6 am. And I think that is quite an accomplishment, yesterday it was negative 7. I think my lungs were starting to freeze. And it's not easy to run in snowboots, coat, scarf, hat, gloves on the icy messy street. But whatever it is, it is better for both of us than nothing. I think it is helping bond us, so I am having my daughter do all the feeding so she can bond that way...

She is also not allowed to be on either floor of the apartment alone, hopefully soon she will stop chewing all sorts of plastic and other disgusting things, like pencils. Any ideas on how to get a puppy to stop chewing are appreciated. She does have a basket of toys but would rather chew garbage stuff.

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