Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day whatever... feeling better... aha ha ha ha

Sick early am. went back to bed till noon. Then went to Rite Aid for cough drops and candy. Drove the car! On my way back to the real world. It's 2 now and I am tired. I got some chicken soup cookin from the chicken I got yesterday. That will taste good.

Okay how to know you have a great kid! She is not going trick or treating except on our block for a few minutes, she instead has elected to stay home with mom and hand out the candy, so I an stay inside and rest. She is such a good girl! I am so lucky God gave her to me!

Have you watched Saturday PBS TV it's making me hungry one cooking show after another. Well the sea urchin I could live without, everything else looked delicious. I on the other hand am too tired to go get celery for my chicken soup, I don't have dill either, but we'll live without it...

Happy Spooky Halloween to you all: Don't forget to eat an apple after midnight and make a wish!

H1N1 update

Wow I am weak.

Yesterday, day six. Decided I would do the laundry because it's been two week and my kid was running out of clothes she likes. She has 20 pairs of jeans but doesn't like them because they are not comfortable. I remember begging to wear jeans. Anyway, it took me all day to do it, but I finally got it all in the car... Baddum Bum.

Then I thought I feel a little better I want a salad. So I finished my daughter's salad that she had for dinner. Yummy well until three o'clock in the morning when what salad decided to exact revenge on me for eating it or something else I did. Fell back asleep around 5, sick and tired, daughter missed school bus. But since she had no pants I didn't even fight to make her go to school. Again that salad was hating me, so no way I could drive. Now that is some bad parenting.

Today, day seven. Well as I said really bad stomach all day. Better after about ten but then I was hungry. I did venture out into the world, dropped off the laundry in the interest of not having a naked child, and went to the supermarket by the house. Told her you go to the left grab a bag of potatoes, I'll go straight up the middle and grab the chicken. Meet back in the shortest line on ten, boom, quickest trip to the supermarket ever. Laundry on couch, but at least it is clean. My lovely friend and neighbor took my girl with hers to Halloween Howl and I passed right out for two and a half hours, didn't even hear the phone. It was too much today but someone has to do it. I can't wait until I buy a house and get my own washer and dryer. Roasted chicken went down fine, tested great - now I wait...

Tomorrow I am going to walk around the block, I think my muscles are atrophied from all of this nonactivity. H1N1 IS ALMOST GONE - DO DA DO DA. I'M SO EXHAUSTED I CAN'T EVEN FINISH THIS SONG. OH DA DO DA BLLLLLAAAAAA

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Moses is up on Mount Sinai and he says to God, "God, do I have a pounding headache!"

And God says, "Here, take these two tablets."

For my friend Syd,

Day five stopped coughing long enougn to try to laugh. Found this on internet and thought of you:

video joke, ha ha ha

H1N1 Day five

Well day four was the worst one yet. Instead of getting better with this H1N1 you get worse. The puking and other tummy trouble started yesterday. Had to crawl up stairs, no strength to walk. Now I'm weak and actually a little hungry, but I'm surely not eating anything...

I have hope for day five! Yay day five, here we go. Throat still excruciating, haven't puked in a while, hoorah! 7:40 a.m. good night!

Monday, October 26, 2009

H1N1 Day 4

Think it's getting worse now. If only my throat didn't hurt so much the rest would be manageable I think.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

H1N1 and Highlights

Okay they have nothing to do with each other except I wouldn't have had time to read this if I wasn't sick.

Highlights has done it again. They have interviewed 850 some kids and tallied their responses on certin issues. Check out For the state of the kid. Interesting reading.

I also read on my paper from the hospital that you can get H1N1 from laughter, you know the little evil molecules of moisture that escape when you laugh, so I'd lie to think that I got this from laughter. It makes me feel better and I do really laugh my bum off every day. Kid are funny and teachers are even funnier (sometimes when they don't even mean to me).

Okay off to sleep again, stick a fork in me, I'd done.


Aaaaaahhhh razor blades slowly cutting the back of my throat. What the f... It was quite a job but I did it - changed my sheets! waaaa the crowd goes wild. Normally not such a bad job, today a Herculian effort. I did hang my comforter outside on a bush for ten minutes to de-germ. I wish I had a washer and dryer. But we only do what we can. I changed my sheets, it is 9:42 am. Good night.

Owwwww my throat. I am done. My ginger ale just exploded a bit in my bed and I am too tired to change my sheets. Going to roll over and go to sleep.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

H1N1 - yeah of course just my luck

Well I got it. Of course I did, Murphy’s law and all of that. If you haven’t had it I’ll tell you about it.

It started at 10:30 at night I was standing in the kitchen making lunches and the pain in the top of my back was so bad I could barely stand so I went in to living room and laid on the floor until I felt better, then I did some stretches for my back. Finished lunches and off to bed. In the morning, I felt woozy, woozy and wooshy and my throat was on fire. (certainly those are technical terms.) But drove to work thinking I’m just getting a cold. When I got to school I was sweating, five minutes later I was frozen, then I coughed and my throat was torn up and I coughed up phelm. As I did though my chest completely constricted and so did my breathing tubes. I could barely talk. But the time first block started I could only speak softly or it hurt like someone was rubbing broken glass on the back of my throat.

I knew I was done, the school luckily found me a sub for the rest of the day and I went home. Called Dr said I think I have bronchitis, it is difficult to breathe throat is killing me and told them that a student of mine had H1N1 she went home from school Tuesday I think. Nurse told me I did not have H1N1 because I would be more exhausted and my body aches wouldn’t just be in my back they’d be everywhere. She said they don’t want people with the flu in the office anyway. I had no temperature at that time and explained that I had taken a lot of Advil and had a temp earlier. I went out and got cough syrup, a humidifier, and Vicks like she told me.

Three hours later I was really feeling really, really like crap, so I call back and said what if I have strep, cause I had a kid with that too. She said I needed to take my temperature before my next Advil and see what that was and let someone know if it was 101. I told her it was 99 on the Advil. She told me I could come in the next day or go to the walk-in care just to make myself feel better, it seems I needed to. Well one hour later my temperature was 102.4. I guess the bitchy nurse was wrong (I wish she wasn’t) but everyone tells you to call you Dr. with your flulike symptoms. Don’t bother cause they don’t want you there. The walk in care was wonderful in contrast. Very nice, clear explained everything. I am on Tylenol, Advil, and Percoset. I am staying in my room and not coming out without a mask. My daughter was already exposed to me, the day before was my birthday (Happy Birthday H1N1). But I hope she doesn’t get it, talking and breathing are so difficult it must be so scary for a child. Poor kids with this. Dr. said you will feel like you are going to die for four days, and then you won’t. Okay, I can live with that.

Nighty night.
I do want to add I handwashed and sanitized like a crazy person, still got it...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sorry It's Been Soooo Long, Busy Busy

Well I have to buy a laptop. Have you tried to buy a laptop, holy moly. There are so many kinds of laptops out there, with so many features. All of the features however are named something else depending on the company or even the model within the company’s name. Like I know we need to purchase a dual core whatever it is, but there are five different names some don’t even say duo they say 2x. Pretty good huh. Is it better to buy from the company or to buy from the store. At say Dell’s website you have to pay extra for every feature, perhaps at the store they are bundled. No one’s laptops comes with Office. I found that out. I went to Walmart to price check and then found out I do not know how to tell if there is a wireless card or not inside.

No I can’t afford a laptop! It will be the first thing ever I put on my credit card and hope it doesn’t cost a fortune in interest or start a credit snowball effect, because the only money I owe is a whole lotta money for student loans. I am hoping I will be able to get something under $500. That is a huge hope because it will have no programs in it!

Why am I now in the market for a laptop you may ask? Well you may remember I received a laptop from my friend and literature professor at college as a gift. I should never have accepted that gift. I knew it was wrong and I just think I took it because I wanted one so badly and couldn’t not afford one. I use this thing everyday, at home and at school. It is like my right arm. Well, I received a letter last week that my esteemed professor wants $1,000 for the laptop he bought me three years ago! I can’t send him $1,000 or the $100 a month he thinks is fair. It may be wrong of me but I am just going to box it up and send it back to him.

He thinks we are not friends anymore and as we are not friends, I should pay him back. We are not, not friends but I don’t have time for a social life between regular school, Hebrew school, getting my Master’s, and writing my book that I need to graduate, I don’t have time for a social life unless it is with a little eight year old who I love more than air! If I had it I would sent it right away. I don’t. Even though I am working now and not in school I have more expenses and don’t get help anymore. He thinks I have money but I really don’t.. We are more comfortable than we were before but I don’t think that my daughter should suffer which is where the cutbacks would have to come from birthday gifts for other kids, clothes, special foods she likes, the new piano lessons she just started which are only $10 a week. I can’t make her suffer because a grown man with a Ph.D. is out of work for years now. He was a brilliant literature professor and I wish he would find a university position again, so more students can benefit from his knowledge as I have. I wish him well but can’t pay him so I am packing up my baby and sending it back after all this time, electrical tape on the cord and all. I hope he can sell it for some of the money he needs...