Saturday, October 31, 2009

H1N1 update

Wow I am weak.

Yesterday, day six. Decided I would do the laundry because it's been two week and my kid was running out of clothes she likes. She has 20 pairs of jeans but doesn't like them because they are not comfortable. I remember begging to wear jeans. Anyway, it took me all day to do it, but I finally got it all in the car... Baddum Bum.

Then I thought I feel a little better I want a salad. So I finished my daughter's salad that she had for dinner. Yummy well until three o'clock in the morning when what salad decided to exact revenge on me for eating it or something else I did. Fell back asleep around 5, sick and tired, daughter missed school bus. But since she had no pants I didn't even fight to make her go to school. Again that salad was hating me, so no way I could drive. Now that is some bad parenting.

Today, day seven. Well as I said really bad stomach all day. Better after about ten but then I was hungry. I did venture out into the world, dropped off the laundry in the interest of not having a naked child, and went to the supermarket by the house. Told her you go to the left grab a bag of potatoes, I'll go straight up the middle and grab the chicken. Meet back in the shortest line on ten, boom, quickest trip to the supermarket ever. Laundry on couch, but at least it is clean. My lovely friend and neighbor took my girl with hers to Halloween Howl and I passed right out for two and a half hours, didn't even hear the phone. It was too much today but someone has to do it. I can't wait until I buy a house and get my own washer and dryer. Roasted chicken went down fine, tested great - now I wait...

Tomorrow I am going to walk around the block, I think my muscles are atrophied from all of this nonactivity. H1N1 IS ALMOST GONE - DO DA DO DA. I'M SO EXHAUSTED I CAN'T EVEN FINISH THIS SONG. OH DA DO DA BLLLLLAAAAAA

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