Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day whatever... feeling better... aha ha ha ha

Sick early am. went back to bed till noon. Then went to Rite Aid for cough drops and candy. Drove the car! On my way back to the real world. It's 2 now and I am tired. I got some chicken soup cookin from the chicken I got yesterday. That will taste good.

Okay how to know you have a great kid! She is not going trick or treating except on our block for a few minutes, she instead has elected to stay home with mom and hand out the candy, so I an stay inside and rest. She is such a good girl! I am so lucky God gave her to me!

Have you watched Saturday PBS TV it's making me hungry one cooking show after another. Well the sea urchin I could live without, everything else looked delicious. I on the other hand am too tired to go get celery for my chicken soup, I don't have dill either, but we'll live without it...

Happy Spooky Halloween to you all: Don't forget to eat an apple after midnight and make a wish!

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