Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sorry It's Been Soooo Long, Busy Busy

Well I have to buy a laptop. Have you tried to buy a laptop, holy moly. There are so many kinds of laptops out there, with so many features. All of the features however are named something else depending on the company or even the model within the company’s name. Like I know we need to purchase a dual core whatever it is, but there are five different names some don’t even say duo they say 2x. Pretty good huh. Is it better to buy from the company or to buy from the store. At say Dell’s website you have to pay extra for every feature, perhaps at the store they are bundled. No one’s laptops comes with Office. I found that out. I went to Walmart to price check and then found out I do not know how to tell if there is a wireless card or not inside.

No I can’t afford a laptop! It will be the first thing ever I put on my credit card and hope it doesn’t cost a fortune in interest or start a credit snowball effect, because the only money I owe is a whole lotta money for student loans. I am hoping I will be able to get something under $500. That is a huge hope because it will have no programs in it!

Why am I now in the market for a laptop you may ask? Well you may remember I received a laptop from my friend and literature professor at college as a gift. I should never have accepted that gift. I knew it was wrong and I just think I took it because I wanted one so badly and couldn’t not afford one. I use this thing everyday, at home and at school. It is like my right arm. Well, I received a letter last week that my esteemed professor wants $1,000 for the laptop he bought me three years ago! I can’t send him $1,000 or the $100 a month he thinks is fair. It may be wrong of me but I am just going to box it up and send it back to him.

He thinks we are not friends anymore and as we are not friends, I should pay him back. We are not, not friends but I don’t have time for a social life between regular school, Hebrew school, getting my Master’s, and writing my book that I need to graduate, I don’t have time for a social life unless it is with a little eight year old who I love more than air! If I had it I would sent it right away. I don’t. Even though I am working now and not in school I have more expenses and don’t get help anymore. He thinks I have money but I really don’t.. We are more comfortable than we were before but I don’t think that my daughter should suffer which is where the cutbacks would have to come from birthday gifts for other kids, clothes, special foods she likes, the new piano lessons she just started which are only $10 a week. I can’t make her suffer because a grown man with a Ph.D. is out of work for years now. He was a brilliant literature professor and I wish he would find a university position again, so more students can benefit from his knowledge as I have. I wish him well but can’t pay him so I am packing up my baby and sending it back after all this time, electrical tape on the cord and all. I hope he can sell it for some of the money he needs...

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