Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rolling Melons

Not a deep discussion starter here... But Oh my Goodness. I have decided to try different kinds of new melons. So I bought some and put them in my fridge. One is a Galia melon and I believe should be a cross between a cantelope and a honeydew. The other looks like a cantelope but rougher and I have no idea what it is. Last night in the middle of the night I was writing and got hungry. I open the fridge and thump, thump, melons fall off the top shelf of the fridge and start rolling around. No bid deal I'll grab them, but oh no not these melons they had so much inertia I guess it is from falling from the top shelf they were slamming into the table base and changing directions, then slamming off chair legs and changing directions. I'm trying to grab my now bruised melons I'm sure and, bam, slam my head under the table. The bright yellow one is going one way the rough cantelope looking one is going the other. I end up just plopping down in the kitchen floor and laughing hysterically sure that if anyone had the secret camera on I would have won the $100,000 prize, or whateve it is.

As I'm plopped on my kitchen floor at 2:00 in the morning chasing roll-away melons laughing hysterically, it suddenly occurs to me, "My life is pretty damn good - even supposedly inanimate objects like melons have the power to amuse me." Then I thought, "Or I'm simple minded" but immediately went right back to, "No, life is good and wicked funny!" I hope they taste as good as they roll!!! And I hope your fruit has the power to amuse you too!


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