Sunday, June 22, 2008

Does anyone think Entwistle didn't do it?

Although people as supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, I think everyone thinks that this Entwistle is guilty. the information that we are getting on the news is so strange, it seems like he did do it. After he saw his wife and baby dead, he covered them back up with a blanket... and doesn’t know why. I think this guy needs a psychological profile. He’s shady looking too. And flying right off to England, what was he doing. He said he didn’t know. I have been listening to the news briefly trying to follow the trial and I just don’t see how he didn’t do it. It would be very surprising his he isn't convicted.

It has been rather busy closing up my first year of teaching, Yay. I’ll write more after finals are finished next week!

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Geoff. said...

Hi there, after the finals, do you get a well deserved holiday? I hope so. All the best.