Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I’m watching my Jersey boys on a PBS special, right this second they are singing, We’ve Got It Going On, and let me tell you what, they sure do. Richie Sambora darling, you are looking fine! He is looking healthier than I’ve seen him in a while. I hope he's licked that little alcohol thing he had going on. I don’t know when this is, it is the Lost Highway one, so it’s recent. Richie doesn’t look puffy like he was for little bit. His last DUI was before the tour, so I hope he’s straightened out. This tour is almost over, and of course, I didn’t get to go. I don’t often get to go to things as a single mom. I would actually have gotten a sitter for this one. That is how I rate things in life, sitter worthy events and events that are not worthy. (Unfortunately I haven’t had a sitter worthy offer of a date in forever.)

I think Richie’s switched guitars for every song so far. And Jon what can I say, beautiful as ever. He is so dreamy and every song he sings he puts into it real emotion (closed eyes, etc), which is why he is so popular, I think. I don’t know why there aren’t any more megastar rockers from Jersey besides my boys and Bruce of course. Growing up there was so much rock talent all over. Garage bands were so plentiful, and a lot of times they were really good. I wonder what happened to all the dreamers. I hope they still play and they still dream.

The boys played Central Park in NYC last weekend; I would have loved to have been there. Okay, Richie is switching the same two guitars off and on. Silly me. Jon’s teeth are so white, what an amazing smile, that is probably why he is the star he is. Not to take anything away from his musical ability, nobody sings a love song like he does. However, he is the total package, with a smile that could convince anyone to do anything. It is funny how his I Love This Town actually works in any town they are performing in, clever marketing.

I remember growing up my mother watching PBS and if she was on a PBS special at night, you had to leave her alone because interrupting her was never worth it no matter what. Now what am I doing, watching PBS and my music that used to be really cool is actually on PBS. Bad enough they call it oldies on the radio, now it’s on PBS. I remember when my parents would hardly let me listen to music. I wasn’t allowed to own or play any Grateful Dead when I was a teenager, now they have Dead shows on PBS. It’s so crazy.

“It’s okay to be a little broken.”

Enough about my growing older! I am still encouraging my child to be a musician and she has saved up $60 for her own electric guitar, which is hard to do at $2 a week. Thinking she won’t even like guitar anymore by the time she saves up enough, I helped her out and we bought her a real electric guitar from www.musiciansfriend.com. It was only $99.99 and it is beautiful. She named it White Chocolate. They had the kids’ electric guitars, mini ones, even a Hannah Montana, but I have had enough of the kid’s musical instruments. Her kid’s First Act acoustic guitar I can barely push down the strings, how is a kid supposed to, and it slips out of tune every song. I read a lot of reviews online and concluded it was a waste of money to buy another kid’s instrument and then a big one in a couple of years. The one we actually bought was $179 at our local music store and $149 on another website, so White Chocolate was a heck of a deal. I am amazed at how many different electric guitars are out there and how much they can be. We saw a hand painted one for $49,000, yeah right, that’s the down payment on a house. So now we have a little musical section in the living room, now that’s living! Pic of White Chocolate below. Well, Richie is done playing, and if I can’t go to bed with him, I guess I’ll just go to bed. Yeah, whatever... Rock on.“When you wonder why you’re breathing, know you're not alone.”

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