Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Loving the new website

I love the www.sparkpeople.com. I have lost three pounds since I joined up. Although I lost that three pounds a couple of weeks ago too, and it came back, grrr. I hope now that my TSH number was a 1.7 that I can start to lose weight now. Because losing a pound for an hour and having it come right back, is not really losing it! You can join a bunch of discussion groups at sparkpeople and they actually have a thyroid group and a hypothyroid group. I joined both. People actually are very into this website and discussions are fruitful. There are not professional doctors just other people going through the same or similar things that you are. Or there are groups just by your age or occupation, I joined a teacher group too.

I’m such a joiner now, when I was young I never wanted to join in with anything. Interesting.

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Geoff. said...

Teacher Mom, you're such a groupie!! When I was a bit younger, I was seriously heavy, so diet was the rule. I resolved to lose a pound a day; only one. 52 weeks = nearly 4 stone!! It wasn't even a chore. You can do it, of course you can.