Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lock Your Doors

On Monday night there was a Dateline NBC about murders. The title of the show is A Stranger in the House. If you didn't see it, one of those murdered women was Monica my sister-in-laws best friend. She was a sweetheart beautiful girl, you can see pictures of her on the video. You will also see my sister-in-law talking, the one with the dark hair in the middle, in the second part of the videos. It is like six videos. Chilling and gruesome murders.

But the point of watching it is that the kind of horrific things that we see on television actually happens to real people. If there is a lesson in this horrible tragedy that my sister-in-law and brother would like people to take away from this is to LOCK YOUR DOORS! Seriously, especially up here in the great white north people do not lock their doors.

Check out her story, she was so lovely. And please LOCK UP! Always Don't leave the door open for anyone. Wake up when they get there. Okay? Ok. Good night.

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