Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Proposal

No, not me!

But the movie with Sandra Bullock is hysterical. she plays Margaret Tate a NYC publisher. There is one scene with a stripper that had me laughing so hard I almost woke the neighbors. It is not exactly and intelligent thought-provoking film but a funny, funny entertaining film that makes you laugh. Sandra Bullock is incredible. She is a class act and this role seems like it was made for her. Ryan Reybnolds who is plays Andrew Paxton is actually Scarlett Johansson's husband, plays the lead across from Sandra Bullock and is hysterical too. they play off each other beautifully, a lot of it without words, just expressions and looks at each other. Betty White is wonderful, amusing, and carries a lot of the movie.

Sandra Bullock shows a lot of skin, a lot of skin, in this movie and damn she is looking good, especially when I checked and she is four years older than me! I wish I had Hollywood money, I bet I could look a bit better with own trainer and maybe a cook?

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