Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chanukah Reflection

Chanukah is over and I am sad to see it go. This was a great Chanukah here at our house. One reason was like all holidays, you have to stop and do something different, something with each other. All eight nights of Chanukah, we stopped and lit candles, said the blessings, sang Rock of Ages and The Dreidle Song. Right after, we would open presents and play with them - no television, no other plans, just us. One reason I loved this Chanukah is that it is the first year my daughter gave me presents too. She was so excited each night; I had to open mine before she even opened hers. Some were homemade, like the envelope of cleaning coupons that I will be sure to use. Others she bought at the dollar store with her allowance (which amazingly went up right before Chanukah). I would stay in the store and she would do her little shopping, cash out with her little pocketbook, all while I was in hearing distance trying not to see what she was getting but still watching her. She was using her best elusive maneuvers, as she would ask me if I liked something and if I said yes and she would say, “Too bad I’m not buying it,” and proceed to hide it behind her back… (It is a good thing that my memory is so short while my thyroid medication is being regulated, that by the time she gave me my surprise gifts, I had almost really forgotten.) No matter what you believe in spiritually, there is greater joy in giving than in receiving and I am so glad that my precious child knows that.

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