Saturday, December 8, 2007

Conjuntivitis continuitis

Ding, ding, round two, whew, what a morning! My child is not stupid, (I had to mentally note again) because for some strange reason she did not want the eyedrops this morning either. (Like she would have forgotten.) For two hours I tried, and many times she actually laid her head back and almost, just almost, opened up an eye. A kid has to be serious about something to decline all of the riches offered to her this morning just to put in the eyedrops. Trips to the toystore turned down, movies, Leapster games, and even cold hard cash; I think she is serious. Seriously not letting me get the drops in, all the while my status as authority figure slipping, I think.

Meanness didn't work either, or silly games. Show me a surprised face, and then count to three and it will be all over just led to... nothing. Then I got upset, who is making me torture my child and myself too, the evil pediatrician's office who had the audacity to help my baby. Well, I got that nurse on the phone and she told me... (The "Duh" was implied) You don't have to open their eyes, just have them tip their head back and put an eyedrop in the inside corner and then have them slowly open their eye and the drop will seep in to their eyeball. Can you imagine? Too little, almost too late if you ask me. Why don't people tell you this to begin with?? Really. I would like to make a public service announcement, eyedrops don't need to go straight onto the eyeball as the directions with the prescription would have one believe. If even one person reads this and saves themselves hours of ineffective eyedrop planning strategy, applications missions, and miserable failures; then this blog will have been worth it!

We save time, not lives.
The good news is I am calling all of that aggravation my cardio workout for the day.

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