Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't forget to PLAY!

I didn’t run today, I didn’t walk today – Today I played! And I loved it. We are having residual rains from a hurricane now, it’s coming down 3 inches an hour. For exercise, I decided to take my daughter out and jump in the puddles. Hey, it’s September and still warm, and it wasn’t thundering and lightning, I think for the first time this summer. We had such a fun time, my girls said it was better than fishing. Better than fishing! Whoa that’s a compliment. We haven’t run and danced in the rain since spring. We also curled up in the front yard, soaked to the skin of course, and then “grew” up like flowers turning our faces to the rain trying to catch raindrops on our tongue. Today, I played, and it was fun just like it used to be. It was so funny to see people hiding under hood and umbrellas and running to their cars and front doors, it’s only water! We are supposed to remember to stop and smell the flowers, I think we all need to remember to stop and dance, jump, and run in the rain. I had to write a poem for my Creative Writing class, so I’ll share it with you. It’s not polished, just a first draft...
The dance was freedom, as we ran
touching hands through the rain. Our
spirits welded fast by love,dancing in
hope of keeping now forever,dancing
for our dreams of happy tomorrows,
together. On the black asphalt, covered
with silver sheets of rain, splashing through
the puddles, our laughter chased us
between raindrops, heaven dancing with us
unifying our souls, playing together, jubilantly.
Our faces turned to the sky, free to dance,
our souls both young as we run, jump, and play
in puddles of freedom and rivers of hope.


isman said...

With the right campaign, I think your daughter can popularize "better than fishing" as the equivalent of "tastes like chicken" for quality time.

Teacher mom said...

Thank you, yes she can start the "fishing scale."