Monday, September 1, 2008

Just THROW it!

Well, I just had to share; I saw the most blatant example of yuppie capitalism ever. A lot of people bring their dogs to the river to run and swim. It’s funny too because all of the dogs are off leash and they are all well behaved. Hmmm are leash laws really helping? Anyway, I saw two of these Saturday and one of Sunday. You will not believe it. Tennis ball throwers! Seriously, it's a plastic stick with a scoop on the end for the ball. I’ll find a pic. To make sure the dogs get exercise and the humans don’t I guess. You never have to bend down. Sure tennis balls get a bit slimy from the dog, but come on, how about just throwing the ball. Have you ever seen these things? I am astounded at the stupidity, yet of course, I wish I’d invented it because people are really buying these things. They are twelve to fourteen dollars, holy moly. JUST THROW THE BALL PEOPLE!

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Geoff. said...

We have this saying in NZ; "Only in America." Amazing post, but I do have admiration for the inventor who's no doubt raking in the greenbacks too.