Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teaching Sports

I never realized this but sports seem to be taught at school. We live in New England, but I am a Yankees fan. My daughter says she likes the Red Sox, so I bought her a t-shirt. She put it on for school today and said, “Mom, I’ve got my Yankees shield on!” What the heck is that? That is so funny. I didn’t teach her about the Red Sox at home, and if you know New England our sports fans are SERIOUS up here. I wonder if there is a class at school on this, or just the kids on the playground. Maybe they teach it on the bus! Funny stuff. I thought it was genetic. I guess the Yankees are out anyway, so Go Red Sox.

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Anonymous said...

"Red Sox 101" is taught at lunch every day by Miss Kim, the lunch lady. She is the BIGGEST Red Sox fan that I have ever seen and she talks to the kids about them every day. Ask to see the cafeteria next time you are at school. I tell the kids that everyone can have their own team, they all don't have to be Red Sox fans but I really feel bad for anyone who eats in the cafeteria and is not a fan! :)