Tuesday, October 21, 2008

40 tomorrow!

Well this is my last day of 39, tomorrow I will be 40. I keep saying it, I can't believe it. In my mind I am only 28. I suppose I don't look 28 anymore, but that is how old I feel. This is my last post being 39. My last post of my youth. Am I going to be a grown-up tomorrow? It seems so, it seems weird. I wonder if I will wake up smarter!

No matter what you are doing tomorrow I hope you have a great day!

I know I have been a bit "poemy" lately. (Yes, that is why I became an English teacher, so I can make up words!) My Master's class is a seminar on poetry I am almost halfway through an eight week class, and I LOVE it! I wrote this birthday poem as an assignment of writing an ode or an elegy, it is kind of both! Enjoy

Ode to My Ass

Some things around here are changing,
if not around here, then surely to the rear,
some things around here are changing.

That big ol’ shadow is mine,
perhaps I should get a sign,
“low rider” or “watch out for the rear.”

My tush was a splendid thing,
“Nice ass!” the bold would say,
“I know,” I’d think and strut away.

You were high and mighty.
Smooth in spandex, rocking it at the gym,
particularly fine, when we swung out for a swim.

You always felt so right,
regal even, high, and tight.
You put up a good fight
(39 years), seems like you lost over night.

Gravity ruled
my good looks were fooled
Vanity was clearly overruled;

by physics, some property law
stating that my ass must now
drag around behind me, low and slow
while I constantly feel I am being
followed and no one is there,
butt you.

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Geoff. said...

Oh Teach! i laughed out loud at your poem-definitely an A+ from me. I hope you had a wonderful birthday; many, many, happy returns. As long as you like Nickleback, you must only be 28 'cos 40 year-olds would hate that music.