Saturday, October 4, 2008

Precious Rocks

We went to a Gem and Minerals show at an arena near our home. During this time of the year they have great stuff in there, we went to a craft show too. When I peeked in to see if I really wanted to pay $4 to get in it looked like a bunch of expensive jewelry. My girl wanted to go in so I told her don’t ask me to buy anything! The show was not just expensive jewelry. It had a lot of jewelry the expensive stuff was in glass cases, but really reasonable pieces were there too. It was a great learning experience though; they had gems and minerals for up to $5,000. We couldn't buy them, but they were interesting to see, especially the geodes with the natural rock on the outside so she could see where some of these gems come from. They also had tables where they sold little stones for 50cents. She got a few stones. I wish I brought a ring I have that the stone fell out of, one guy was selling little cut and polished gems and I could have bought one to fit. Oh well. I tried to buy an inexpensive ring but alas nothing fit my big fingers; too big too small, no goldilocks just right for me. Oh well, my daughter did get to buy a beautiful bracelet of little crystals on a elastic string.

I guess she loved the gem and mineral show because below is what I found outside the next day! Kids crack me up. Crack rocks up too.

(Who knew give ‘em a hammer and some rocks and they’ll stay busy for hours!) You had to ask? Of course I bought some - Buy One Get One Free! *Where does she learn these things... hahaha

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