Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blue Hue

I am listening to my daughter play with a friend. They have out her microphone and are pretending to be broadcasters. Funny stuff. They just switched over to be meteorologists and I here my daughter say, “Tomorrow’s weather is tricky it could rain or snow, be cloudy or sunny, or we could have no weather at all.” No weather at all I had to go down and ask her what that would look like, “A plain day with nothing in the sky except blue sky.” I like it, I think that if we had no weather at all is should definitely be a beautiful bright blue skied day.


Geoff. said...

A cute definition, we're enjoying a 'no weather' day here. Beautiful.

teacher mom said...

Geoff, Good to "see" you! I hope all is well in NZ and I'm glad you are enjoying your no weather day!