Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just some thoughts...

We got out of school an hour early today because the rain was turning to ice. Winter is here! Argh. Strange even to me, but I wish it was snow instead of ice. Snow seems safer, if you fall on it, it can cushion your fall. Ice just hurts. Although the trees after an ice storm especially right before sundown are beautiful. But the trees right after a snowfall are beautiful too.

Well gas is exactly the same price as it was in 2001, weird. I just hope that people still know there is a need for green technologies and that this low gas price is only temporary. I figure the next time it goes up it will stay up like overseas.

I started my new nonfiction writing class, I am very excited although I blew my first assignment. I just submitted my second one, and I hope it is better than my first. All I want to do is write but in classes it just seems I have no idea how. Yet I teach it all day, what’s up with that, I do not know. I know I am helping this kids, I guess I just need someone to help me hone my skills.

How does that Bachelor show work, how do they have any idea that out of those 25 people the person will find a lifemate? Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do was date 25 people and we would find someone to love? Reality television is so unrealistic.

I want to watch Will Smith’s new movie, Seven Pounds.

Have an incredible day.

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Geoff. said...

Hi Teach, just called in to say 'Hi.' Summer is here after a really wet, but mild winter. I'll post some pics of our native Christmas tree (pohutukawa) next week - they are in full bloom and look beautiful. Hang in with the writing, it's always difficult unless you have something you like to write about. I'm a copyeditor, so if you need a good proofer, let me know! Best wishes.