Saturday, December 13, 2008

Latka time

It is Chanukah time again! Yay, the celebration of fried food. I have to make batches and batches of latkes today and tomorrow, for Hebrew school tomorrow and public school on Monday. This year I decided since I bought a little food processor that I would use it to shred my potatoes instead of my grater. I went online to see if others are doing this and they are.
There was also quite a few comments about latkes without blood in them from the grater not being as good. My thought, ewww. To my dear friends who have had latkes at my house, I would like to assure you never have I bled from the grater! Yuck, my mind races back over the years to the probably millions of latkes I've eaten that other people have prepared, did they scrape themselves on the grater? Bllehh, I have to stop thinking about it – I’m grossed out!ANYWAY, I found a great website with pictures and a latke recipe from Chez Lewis in Jerusalem. Thank you! This is the link I'll put it over in the Links I Love column so you can just click. His tip with the starch and flour I am definitely going to do having had trouble holding the latkes together in the past. The only change I will make from his recipe is one potato at a time, my processor is tiny, and I will add in the bowl I put the shredded potato in some baking powder to help it not turn pink/brown as I process the rest of the potatoes. I really like his step-by-step pictures though. Check it out, I’m going to have his page up while I’m in the kitchen later! (I wonder why he has bricks on his stove though...)

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