Saturday, December 6, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I surely did. I’ve been too busy eating leftovers to post, because I was lucky enough to have Thanksgiving at my house with dear friends. It was so wonderful, this is the first year I had leftovers and yum!

There have been some freaky things going on in the world. The little boy at my baby’s class who likes her was actually a victim of a home invasion. Poor little thing, he had a gun pointed at him and was seriously scared. He was on the local news and all. These brilliant teens four of them got away with something ridiculous like $3 and half a Percocet. Let’s just say, not worth it, idiots! Well, turns out two of the idiots I know from the school, they graduated already but what a small world it is. One of them is not really a bad kid at all either, so it is sad. I couldn’t believe it when first I saw the seven year old in TV, and then the big kids, it really makes no sense. They will be on one of those stupid criminal shows. The family they were trying to rob is obviously quite poor too, so it is ridiculous. I guess that same night they tried another house too, but weren’t successful there either. All I know if they are going away for quite some time threatening a little boy with a gun, and an old woman in a wheelchair. It is nuts and depressing.

What isn't so depressing is however the gas prices. $1.64 today. I looked in my daughter's babybook and in 2001 gas was $1.57. The price of food isn't going down though, it's still going up and up. We are in a recession now, but I went to the main shopping area in my town this afternoon and it was packed, there was not indication of any recession going on there...

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