Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rock on Obama!

Economy -- Of the People, By the People
President-elect Barack Obama has directed the Transition's economic team to develop the details of a bold plan to save or create 2.5 million American jobs by 2011.

Watch the President-elect's Weekly Address, I'll put a link on the right so you can just click. If you go to you can also share your thoughts, questions, or ideas. This is amazing. He is going to start a 2 year works program, I'm thinking like FDR, and the jobs will not only fix roads, bridges and modernizing schools, but push forward green technologies, like wind turbines, solar panels, and fuel efficient cars, etc. Now this is what I'm talking about, and he is not only helping our fragile world environment, but helping the economy at the same time. Brilliant if you ask me. Apparently he is also going to be doing weekly addresses, imagine that, us knowing what's going on all the time.

Lawrence Summers has been picked to lead the national economic summary, he did work for Clinton, but he has no speaking filter, so we'll see about that one.
I wanted to put the Utube right here, but I do not know how! Grrr. Sorry.

On a completely unrelated topic, did anyone catch the news about the whales in Australia that beached themselves. They were able to save 11 but 53 died. 53 that seems like so many. There isn't anything on the net yet about it, I'll keep looking. 53 seems like too many and then I find that on November 29 in 2004, 72 pilot whales and 30 bottlenose dolphins died after beaching at Sea Elephant Bay, Tasmania. This was on the coast of Tasmania too. Why are the animals doing this? Some say they are sick and so they try to go off but then their entire pod follows them. But that doesn't seem likely, I think we need to figure this out. It is so heartbreaking.

Captain Hogwash whales beach themselves in beautiful N.Z. too, any ideas over there why they do this?


Geoff. said...

Hi Teach, yes we get about 700 per year and it remains a mystery. Usually it's pilot whales or pygmy whales and rarely orca or dolphins - maybe because they're smarter? It has been suggested that the pod follows a sick member into shallow water and rescuers have shot the sick one to silence it's calls but that doesn't seem to work. Another theory suggests that their sonar gets confused bounces from shallow water. There was a doco on tv last year called 'Death on the Beach' and you can read about it here:

Geoff. said...

More on the whales. I heard a doco on the BBC this morning, which explores the theory that US anti-submarine sonar could be interfering with the whales own communications - interesting, but only a theory.

Teacher Mom said...

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out. I did hear that about sonar too, there are groups trying to restrict its usage, but who knows. Wow 700 a year, it seems such a shame. They are such majestic and mysterious creatures.