Saturday, November 15, 2008

911 Holiday Shopping Tip! You must read:

When shopping for loved ones this holiday season, I urge you not to forget my favorite online stores, the They are the The Hunger Site Store, The Breast Cancer Site Store, The Child Health Site Store, The Literacy Site Store, The Rainforest Site Store, The Animal Rescue Site Store. The stores are all linked together for more effective giving and shopping. You can shop by looking at the products and then benefit whichever charity the item is linked to, or you can shop by the charity and chose a product linked to that charity.

I go to and then click on Global Girlfriends and when you purchase an item first, depending on what you spend a certain number of cups of food goes to help the hungry. Then best of all Global Girlfriends are items created by women in other countries, like Nepal, Maasai (in Kenya), India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and others. These businesses were created to help women worldwide gain economic security for themselves and their families by earning fair wages for their handiwork, Global Girlfriend sources women-made, fair-trade imported, eco-friendly products. By supporting long-term partnerships with the artisans, it fosters equal employment opportunities, healthy and safe working conditions, technical assistance, and development strategies to help reduce poverty, one community at a time.

For instance, if you buy a Window to the World Messenger Bag for $18.00, you are not only buying a great gift for someone, especially in these times of reusing cloth bags to help the environment. But these bags are handmade by women rescued from a life of sex trafficking as part of Freeset Bags - a unique social enterprise in Calcutta, India. Each bag tells the story of one woman's journey to freedom -- from a life of rampant poverty and forced prostitution, toward a life of dignity, a living wage with decent hours, and the opportunity to become literate. What is more, it allows these women to lead by example -- providing a role model for their daughters and other young girls in showing them how to break free of cycle of poverty and despair. By purchasing this bag, you become a vital part in their journey toward freedom -- both economic and spiritual.

Check out this place to shop, help the world and shop from the comfort of your own home. There is something for everyone in these stores, clothes, jewelry, house decorations, holiday ornaments, bags, garden items, candles, and more. You can search for a place and get all of the items for that place, I search for Israel and get everything they sell that is made in Israel. Helping our global economic depression, those less fortunate, and getting your shopping done - it's all good! I urge you to go and look! Shipping is only a flat $3.95, and sometimes they have shipping specials and it is even less. You can’t beat that price for shipping, one book on is $3.99, just to put this shipping into perspective. I have been happy with every order I've received, I wear my T-shirts all the time! *Links on the right

While you are there add a dollar or two on to contribute to Habitat Preservation at the Rainforest Site. Since The Rainforest Site began in 2000, together we have funded the protection and preservation of more than 41,000 acres of rainforest habitat. Your daily click and your Rainforest Site store purchases, combined with those of many others from around the world, have helped protect vital parts of these ancient, complex ecosystems in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide.
Every bit helps, even an amount as small as $1. You can donate any amount over $1 by placing the $1 donation in your shopping cart and increasing the quantity -- perhaps a special number to honor someone's birthday. Your purchase is tax-deductible in the U.S.A., and you will receive a receipt from for your taxes. 100% of this gift goes directly to and is earmarked for habitat preservation groups.

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