Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Chocolate Cake Story

We went to the Outback and they no longer have my favorite dessert, so the waitress told me to write an email because everyone was saying they were disappointed and maybe they'd bring the dessert back. So I did, feeling silly and writerly I wrote the following email:
"We went on down to our favorite restaurant, The Outback, as hungry as bears. We had the most delicious dinner imaginable and then were ready to satisfy our sweet tooth for dessert. I don't think you can imagine our dismay to find out our favorite item had been removed from the menu. NO CHOCOLATE TOWER! It was as if the whole experience was suddenly sour and the dinners we had didn't even taste good anymore. The chocolate tower is one of the best reasons for even going to The Outback, you save calories for days to go eat that. It is the best treat ever! Or at least it was. The Outback doesn't even sound exciting anymore knowing you can't top of your meal with the king of special chocolate treats. In the spirit of trying to be good Outback customers, after we whined and cried to the server (who shared our dismay), we order the new Peanut Nutter Butter Pie thing and the carrot cake. Well the carrot cake is good, it's no chocolate tower and is probably not worth the calories like the tower was, but the Nutter Butter Pie thing - yuck! Was the person who decided to replace the tower with that strangely textured unpallatable pie mad as us as customers? On a diet? Fighting with his or her spouse? Or perhaps got an expensive unwarranted speeding ticket on the way to work that day? Please don't punish us for your bad day. I beseech you to bring back the Chocolate Tower. Outback = Chocolate Tower - they just go together! Thank you for listening."

Well I got a response from my Outback restaurant. They are not putting it back on the menu, bummer. But, they shipped a CASE of this cake from North Carolina or someplace and it is in the freezer for me. They are so crazy! I can't tell them I just went on a diet. We actually went last weekend and had a piece. It is so insane and funny! I am now VIP at the Ouback, for cake anyway :) And seriously that pie really isn't good. I kind of feel like an ass now though... Hee Hee Hee

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elsa said...

I lOOOOVE the nutter butter pie.