Friday, February 6, 2009

War of the Water Purifiers

Well, the war of the water purifiers is over and we have a clear winner! The Britta faucet mount water filter is on the faucet and the Pur water filter is in the dump.

Since the first day we put the Pur water filter on the sink it would pour water out the little tiny oval shaped window on the front. The Pur website stated that you should seal it with silicone. Funny they knew that and kept selling them unsealed. Why didn’t they seal the little window with silicone at the factory? The refills for the Pur are 19 dollars each and the refills for the Britta are 27 dollars for two. It’s not much, but it’s less. They both cost the same amount to begin with about 20 dollars. I was ready to throw out the Pur piece of junk and saw the Britta at Home Depot with a mail in rebate for $10. I will be mailing that out tomorrow. The only downfall of the Britta is that it drips a bit after you turn it off on the filtered setting, but it’s better than squirting out all over me.

Yay Britta, Nay Pur. And that is the news from the war of the water filters!


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Teacher mom said...

Checked out your blog, nice water filters. When I buy a house I am definitely going to have the built in one under the sink, or in the basement, whereever it goes. Britta still rocks!

Geoff. said...

Hi Teach, is your water so bad that it has to be filtered? I'm not being silly, but I don't get it. My water is beautiful, clear, pure and straight out of the tap.

Teacher mom said...

Capt. Hogwash, I have to filter because of lead. We've already been through the lead poisoning for my girl, so I'm not adding any more to her body. I was going to say our water looks clear, and then today and two days ago it was coming out brown. They say the brown is just iron from the run off, but gross. I'm glad your water is sparkly and clear. I hope you don't have any trace amounts of lead!