Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I’d like to thank The Academy...

...for an evening of great entertainment. I did not know Hugh Jackman can sing, but he did a great job, very entertaining. Hugh was looking good too, sorry Matthew McConoughey my love. I'm telling you when I win a bunch of money I think I'll take a trip over to Australia and look for a date. All of these Australians are amazing!
I can’t say there were many incredible dresses this year; I wonder if we were toning down because of the economy? Of all the dresses of the night, Halle Berry had the number one dress of the night. Penelope Cruz had the second best dress of the night; it was a sixty-year-old antique dress. I think it would have been an incredible wedding dress actually. Now Reese Witherspoon (love her) was her dress on backwards? Just kidding the dress was gorgeous, except for those black sash strap things, what were they all about? Love to the Queen but what the hell did she have on, it was too much, too much fabric, too much royal blue, too many ruffles, just way too much. Alicia Keyes, who I love to listen to, looked amazing too, as did Angelina Jolie. Her earings were incredible, were they real emeralds? Gorgeous.

All fashion aside, okay almost, what in the hell happened to Mickey Rourke? He was so hot back in the day. I had to Google it and he had plastic surgery. Well, I just hope he sued. For real. And then that white tux with the black cowboy boots and the shades, really, as if enough attention wasn’t going to be on him for his nomination. Because if that look was supposed to be cool, well excuse the rest of us we are just not striving to be that cool.

Before and After

Okay most memorable moments, I had two. The first was when the screenplay writer of Milk was giving his acceptance speech and spoke to the gay children who have been told they were not as good (I can’t remember his exact words) but that they were important. It was important what he said, teenagers who know they are gay have such a hard time if someone doesn’t let them know they are okay and needed just the way they are. That was my favorite moment. The second memorable moment for me was when the singer/songwriter from Slumdog Millionaire was giving one of his acceptance speeches and he said that all of his life he had a choice between hate and love and he chose love and here he was. “Nuff said, right! Love on!

Oh I can’t talk about memorable moments without mentioning Heath Ledger’s family, that was so heartbreaking. I loved Heath Ledger, especially in Brokeback Mountain, what an incredible actor he was. His family was so poised and demonstrated to us all grace in loss and celebration.

Did you see the man balance the Oscar on his chin? What was that all about? That was a little ridiculous, I think, but completely normal compared to Ben Stiller’s performance. Ben, seriously, what the hell were you doing, just present the darned award because you were not funny. Not funny! Natalie Portman though looked gorgeous. I love her so much, did you see her in the Wal-Mart baby movie; she was so good in that. That is my secret cheesiest favorite movie of all time! Anyway, I felt bad she had to present an award with Ben Stiller, but she gets kudos for the funniest joke of the night. She told him he looked like he worked in a Hasidic Meth lab. Ha Ha Ha. I’m still laughing when I think of it! Great awards this year! I like everyone else, loved that the old winners presented the new people with their nominations, which was well done. My kid and I enjoyed watching although she fell asleep early, it was a great TV night.

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Susan DeAngelis said...

From one fellow teacher to another.... A+ Sue

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