Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is wrong with people?

Some days I just can’t watch the news, did you hear about his mother who made her daughter stand on a piece of tape in one spot in the living room in just underwear and socks from 3 pm when she returned home from school until 3 am. She would spray her with water and keep a fan on her to keep her awake. When she wasn’t doing this she had her locked in her room with the heat duct taped over so she had no heat, with no clothes or blankets or anything. This kid it said was 10 and she got bruises just from standing still, imagine that. Plus, who know how long she’s been going this. What the f is wrong with people? Now why can’t the judge punish the mother as she punished her child? That bitch was smiling in court and waving at people, she has no idea what kind of torture she put her child through, and someone ought to do it to her. Jail is too kind.


Geoff. said...

Teach, it's a cruel world and there are evil people all over. We have more than our fair share of child cruelty and it is abhorrent to us all. If it comes out in jail, as it will, you can rest assured that 'justice' will be done. Can you post a link to the story so I can follow it?

TriNi said...

I agree. I can't understand how people can be so cruel to do this .. especially to their own child. Like what could possibly be going through her mind and regardless of what the child did, no one deserves that kind of punishment.