Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faux Robbery

I was fake robbed today. No, I’m serious. I’m calling it my faux robbery. I was teaching my second block when a call came through from my neighbor that she woke up at 9:30ish and her front door was wide open. Thinking it strange of course, she came out and saw my door was wide open too. Things in the house were a bit messy, but the neighbor’s cat had been in there frolicking with mine. Why not, my locked door was open! I raced home and couldn’t find anything missing, but I only had a few minutes before I had to turn around and go back. My computer, laptop, camera, were okay. My television is a 400 pound old monster of the first flat screen kind, so no one could even steal that. After I returned to work, my boss asked if I checked my jewelry. Duh, after worrying all day, I came home and couldn’t find two gorgeous rings my fellow teacher had given me for my fortieth. I had the opal I bought myself on thank goodness. Anyway, it turns out that the property owner found one of the vacant apartment’s front doors wide open too. We did call the police and they don’t know. Maybe kids skipping school? Who knows?

I know I shouldn’t complain because as far as I know nothing has been stolen. Also one of the living room curtain rods was pulled down, actually the screw for the rod was pulled right out of the sheetrock. I have to wonder if someone thought that was the back door. Not being robbed has been so stressful! I know it is crazy but if they had stolen something at least I would know why whomever was in my house. What kind of craziness is going on? I wonder if they stole something to eat. I wouldn’t really know I don’t think. Even if they sat down and ate a bowl of cereal, I wouldn’t know. I’d probably wash the bowl and think it was my girls. My ship isn’t run that tightly.
Well that was my day. I hope everyone else had a stress free day!

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