Friday, April 10, 2009

My Confession...

I have a confession to make. I think I’m a helicopter mom. That is what teachers call moms who hover above their kids, are always calling and emailing, are involved in absolutely everything to the point of annoyance. Well I’m one of them.

The last two nights we have had Passover Seders. The night before I had a doctor’s appointment (where she did her math work), Monday afternoon a dental cleaning, etc., so it’s been a busy, busy week. We forgot to do homework. She has to bring it in on Fridays, and we couldn’t even find the folder it’s supposed to go in and I had to get to work. The punishment for not doing your homework is that you can’t go out for recess. She was so devastated, she said, “I’ll never breathe fresh air again!” Very dramatic, but very effective on the mother, hee hee. I felt so bad leaving a crying upset kid and goint off to work.

On my way to work I tried to call the teacher to say that it is all mom’s fault and she is upset that we don’t know where her homework is. The teacher wasn’t in yet, and the principal answered the phone. I asked for the teacher and he said my NAME! Ahhh, he knows my voice. I think I call too much; I’m one of those moms that the teacher’s complain about! Oh no! Hello, I am a helicopter mom, and apparently, I’m good at it.

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