Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tid Bits from Our Vacation

Did you know that President Obama is handed a purple folder everyday and the contents of that folder is ten letters from the American public. That is so cool!

I had all my wisdom teeth pulled two days ago. I am quite swollen in the jowls, or actually, I now have jowls. It feels so weird, like there are teeth missing! Ha Ha. But it actually feels like big holes, I didn’t think I’d miss them that much. It was so brutal getting them out too, the dentist did it right in the office with Novocain, which did save me money. Sometimes I don’t think things through I guess, but I didn’t know that he would actually physically pull out my teeth. I thought there was a machine or something; after all, we are a high tech society. Nevertheless, no, he just pushed and pulled and wiggled, it took about 15 minutes for each tooth. Even the doctor was exhausted it seemed by the end.
Hmmm, I hope I remain an intelligent woman without my wisdom teeth...

Tomorrow we are going fishing! First time this year! I am not such a crazy fisherwoman that I enjoy ice fishing or fishing in cold weather. It should be 65 tomorrow, and that is me. We were going to learn to fly fish this season, but we might need to put htat on the back burner. I have a fly pole but my baby doesn’t. She would need a little one, six feet at the most. The beginner fly-fishing kit for kids at the Wal-Mart is $79.99. That is a lot of money because we don’t know if she’ll be able to do it or like it. Plus, we’d need rubber boots at least, if not waders. It is somewhat disappointing. We were going to tie our own flies; we got a kit at a yard sale. I think I’ll wait and see if a pole for her comes up at a yard sale this year. Oh, and I went to the Fly Fishing Outfitters store in town, and the cheapest pole was $350. For that price it better not only catch the fish, but clean and cook ‘em too!

The good news – we are officially looking for a house. We’ve been to the bank, we just can’t afford that much on my salary. We saw one for $90,000 I was so excited. I told my girl not to get that way, and then I did. Silly me. It was a house in disguise; yeah you guessed it, a trailer in a house suit. The addition on the back was sloping right down; the wood on the windows was rotted. It was a house that would have needed a great deal of money to be livable. I’m a bit handy, but not that handy. I was sadly disappointed. $90,000 houses for sale are few and far between here.

Can you believe the Florida Franck’s Pharmacy killed those 21 polo ponies? Unbelievable.

The mom who dropped her kids off on the road and was arrested, seems to me to be blown out of proportion. When you say you are going to do something, you are supposed to do it. She dropped off her fighting 10 and 12-year-old girls in White Plains, New York. My dad dropped me off once on the highway, and then picked me right up but if you are going to threaten it, you’re supposed to do it. The mom spent the night in jail for it, is that the parenting police? It didn’t seem like a shady neighborhood, but I was raised when at ten we could go wherever and be fine. This is a different world I guess. See, it just goes to show rich lawyers don’t know any better than anyone else does – a mad mom is a mad mom.

Other than that we have just been cleaning and cleaning. I will still have to pack up so much stuff it’s not funny. But I cleaned the garage, had a yard sale and got things a bit organized and toned down. Fishing tomorrow, no cleaning, nothing that’s not fun! I need a vacation day on this vacation week.

Be peaceful.

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