Monday, May 11, 2009

Fishing Update

Well - I have shattered my fly rod. I don't know how. I was trying to imitate Robert Redford in A River Runs Through It, in a fast river on a very windy day. The pole separates into section and right above where the bottom section slides in the pole cracked and split. It is weird because it didn't split in half like you would think but it got lots of splits up and down. I wonder if I didn't have it in tight enough... Usually Shakespeare makes good products.

I think this year we may have to stick to regular rods and reels and try fly fishing at a later time. The kids flypole set was $79.99 at Walmart, and if I need a new pole too, it's going to be too much. Next year after we buy a house, we will definitely try fly fishing. I still want to get big rubber boots so we can stand in the river though. I'll go in barefoot or in little sneakers and my girl will wear her water shoes, the bottom is too icky for her without htem. But that is in like July, when the water finally warms up from all of the snow meltoff from the northern mountains.

Happy Fishing!

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