Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mothers!

My mother's day was fantastic, my mother was even visiting for the weekend! We all went to brunch. It was fun. I love being a mom, I think Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday. Well, besides my birthday of course, which I think should be a national holiday and last a week! The older your kids get the better it is. My daughter hid a card under my pillow, made me a cool black, grey, and white graphic picture. Yes, laminated, thank you to Mrs. W. She made me an awesome T-shirt at Michael's arts and crafts. They had something each night last week for kids to make things for their moms. She also made me a coupon book, one night without dishes, hugs, and a breakfast in bed. I'm using my breakfast in bed next Saturday, for sure!

I hope all of the moms of the world had a wonderful day full of love too!

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