Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day Stuff!

Yay, another snow day!
I went out just one hour ago and shoveled six inches of snow, now there are four more inches. I took a break from the Monopoly play-offs and took this picture. Can you see all of the snow flakes in front of the tree, that is how fast it is snowing.

Also posting picture of "our" turkeys taken yesterday. They are coming up to eat from the birdfeeders, or at least from the ground underneath them, and are always together. I wonder what the love birds are doing during this crazy snowstorm, hiding in bushes I suppose.

Speaking of Monopoly, Milton Bradley, are you kidding us - Monopoly with a credit card! Have you seen this advertised? It is the dumbest idea ever. The great fun of Monopoly is having your child be the banker and watching them learn math skills while making change with bright eyes, excited to be fulfilling such an important role in the game. Okay I already have Boardwalk, I have to go and try to land on Park Place before she does!

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