Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Ideas

My daughter had a great idea today, so I thought I’d put it out here. We had a small strand of white Christmas lights in the house, for some reason, and she found it and threaded it through her dollhouse. She went in from the third floor window down into the second floor window across, then out and down into the first floor and across. It was exactly long enough. I taped the lights to the ceilings in the house. It looks luminescent. I’m sure someone else has thought of this before, but I thought I’d share.

The fairy door. I made this entrance décor for my girl, and told her that the fairies told me how. She has a little thing you have to say when you go in and out. It is so cute. All I did was get a spring loaded curtain rod to fit the door. Then I purchased five yards of pink tulle. If you cut that in half 2 ½ yards is enough for the length of the door including sewing a rod pocket at the top, leaving an inch on top for the ruffled effect, which took all of five minutes. As I was sewing the rod pocket, I sewed in pieces of ribbon to hang down with the tulle as well. I made both door panels the same using different colored ribbons that I had around the house. Then I purchase a yard of purple tulle, which I simply tucked above the curtain rod and let hang down in a curve. I topped it off with a sprig of amazing flowers that I purchased at Joanne’s, the fairies favorite fabric store. Just thought I’d pass it on.

Sharing Clothes
I always knew that eventually my little girl would start sharing my clothes, but who knew it would happen so early. Today she needed a black belt and didn’t have one, so I saw one of my black cloth headbands hanging on the doorknob. I held it open and told her to step in and wha-lah - a black belt.

After surgery, I had to buy some turtlenecks to hide my scar so I wouldn’t scar the students. I can’t stand to have my neck covered now, so I don’t wear them anymore. One shirt I purchased was a crazy graphic pattern, empire waistline, with three-quarter length sleeves; but I don’t like the turtleneck. So, my girl put it on and it was the perfect dress, absolutely adorable. Even the seams for the shoulders lined up with her shoulders, amazing. She loves it and it even passed the important twirl test.

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