Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mammogram No Biggie

Attention ladies, I had my first mammogram today (another first). I have to say I was scared to go in there after all of the horror stories I had heard. Well, I just wanted to let you all know, after childbirth and after thyroid surgery – the mammogram was nothing! It didn’t hurt at all and yes, they had to flatten it out a little, but it wasn’t as if it smashed into a vice, as I had heard. Strange but necessary, I would say. One thing I don’t get is why they leave the room so you can put on the jonnie, if they are just going to be holding your breast and moving it all around wherever they need it in five minutes anyway. After being taught/helped to breastfeed in the hospital, there is no shame left about the breast for something as simple and as important as a mammogram. Easy peasy, no worries, I’d of had it done in the lobby if they needed me too…

While I was having mammogram fun, I also had my TSH levels checked. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I am hoping for 0.5 - 4.0. After the surgery my levels were way up to 76, the next test was 43, the last test was 21. My synthroid is up to 200 mcg's, so I am hoping for normal levels. Although normal would not usually be a word to describe me! Ha Ha But perhaps after I hit the normal range I will start losing this extra 25 pounds I have put on since surgery. It's getting kinda heavy.

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