Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please Remember to Click Thru

Please remember to click thru to The Hunger Site and click the box to give food each day. It works by allowing the sponsors ads to come up on the thank you page when you click. The sponsors then give money according to how many times their ad has come up. What I do each day is click thru my link - Click Once a Day for Sponsors to Give Free Food - and then hit the button on The Hunger Site and then go through each tab on the top and click the buttons on each of those like The Literacy Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Animals Site, and The Rainforest Site.

Giving food is important, provided you are giving it to people who are still alive... I was just on The Hunger Site and clicked thru to Darfur information and looked at a picture of three beautiful girls in colorful garb and had to wonder if they are even still alive. Even the refugee camps are not safe in Darfur and the UN peacekeepers need more helicopters to make a difference. You can write to our President and ask him to send the helicopters. I added the link to to sign a petition to the President. It seems to me that we can put a man on the moon, let me live without a thyroid, and do all of the amazing things we do that 24 helicopters is just chump change. Can't Warren Buffet, an actor or actress, Oprah or someone send them over. What's up with Bono? Let's do another national concert or something to raise money. An exerpt from the SudanTribune 1/25/08 states, "In July 2007, the UN members approved the 26,000-strong force for the Darfur peacekeeping mission. The UN is having problems to find enough troops for Darfur since the Sudanese government insists on African-only force. As in Rwanda, there is a problem in finding equipment for the mission. For months now, the UN and African Union representatives are asking the world powers to provide the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) with six attack helicopters and eighteen transport helicopters so they can start protecting civilians in Darfur. To this day, no one responded positively." 1/26/08 "The force has less than half the planned 26,000 troops and police, and lacks crucial gear to pacify a region nearly the size of France, said Jean-Marie Guehenno, the U.N. undersecretary general for peacekeeping. Guehenno was on a tour of Darfur, where more than 200,000 people have died in five years of fighting between ethnic African tribes and Sudanese government forces." They started in July, there should have been peace by August, it is now 2008 and people are still getting killed because of what they believe in. why? Why can't we stop it? Because they don't have oil? Is that really it? That can't be it...

My ex neighbor and friend, who has moved but still stops in for a visit every now and then, has a son who works for the Sudanese government on a ship on the Nile River. He does not have anything to do with the Darfur genocide, but my point is, is that they talk on the phone, like we talk to any of our family on the phone. She talks on the phone to people in the Sudan, Kenya, Egypt, etc. and it is all just not that far away anymore.

I try to help in all of the ways that I can. My Temple had a fund raiser to send solar cookers to Darfur, so the women wouldn't get shot by government troops just trying to collect firewood to cook their meals. One woman had her baby bundled on her back and was shot right through her baby. I wish I had all the money, or all the power but I don't. I do have my voice though, and I use it, I talk to my students, other teachers,neighbors, I have my car stickers and window signs, I talk to random people in line, and this is my attempt to use my voice to talk to you. Thanks for listening. Psst, pass it on.

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