Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July. Happy Birthday America. My fourth was quite shitty, literally - I stepped in dog crap at my girlfriends wonderful party so I took off my flip flop and I was good. Then I stepped in another landmine and guess what, um no shoe on - squish. And it got on my pants cuff, gross. So I had to borrow pants and flops. Man. The rest of the party and fireworks was fine.

When I got home however there was a huge dead bluejay on my welcome mat. Welcome my ass. I screamed like a girl, for lack of a better expression, three times. I had almost stepped on that, that goodness I didn't. Damn cat, what the hell that pisses me off. The natural cycle is not excuse either because she didn't eat it. I guess it was a present but I could have lived without it. I hope all of this wasn't a bad omen, and the blue jay on the mat hasn't but a pox on my house!

I did get to see my ex-fiance and that went well, and someone I loved and haven't seen in ten years. And I was so proud and happy. So I am blessed for that and shit on every other way.

I hope everyone's fourth wasn't as crappy as mine! My jeans are soaking in the sink, off to the laundrymat tomorrow... Good night.

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