Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weird Weather

If you have been in New England this summer you have no doubt about serious climate changes. This has been the weirdest weather ever. Today there was a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain and the sun was out. I still don't even have my air conditioners in the windows and July is almost over. Today it was humid after the storm however, I might have turned it on for a bit if it was in. But we really don't need it. I wonder if it is going to be 100 degrees in September. Who even knows what is going to happen. If the summers are getting cooler that's truly started and the winters are getting warmer it should be a mild winter.

I don't have anything deep to say, I just wish I had an electric car. Don't you feel guilty everytime you drive? I do. And everytime I fill up. Even though it's not $4 a gallon anymore we still use too much gas. I think people stopped caring so much when the price went back down...

Whatever happened to the "Give a Hoot Don't Pollute" owl. The Forest Service should bring him back!

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