Thursday, July 30, 2009

The New Vegetarians

Today my eight year old turned vegetarian. She hasn't been eating well lately, so I offer her anything and she turns it down. My anything is a lot of meat though. Today she said she doesn't want to eat anything that had to die to feed her. She was disappointed to find out that pepperoni came from a pig but willing to give that up. She also informed me that being a vegetarian was better for the environment. I know that it is true but I wonder how she did. I'll ask her tomorrow.

I didn't want to encourage or discourage, because unfortunately I have a freezer full of meat! Of course. But if she is going to be a vegetarian I can't eat meat in front of her, that would be quite unsupportive. I was a vegetarian for three years in high school, well until I had Big Mac attack. That Big Mac made me sooo sick, but I figured I couldn't be a hypocrite. Now I am a major carnivore! I just don't think about where the food came from just how it tastes.

I drove her to the farm stand and she picked out green beans, tomatoes, and a potato. She ate the beans and the tomatoes raw in a vege taco and then had mashed potatoes. Later I took her to the supermarket to get nuts and seeds. We'll see what she eats with that. She bought sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and trail mix. As long as she gets her protein it'll be ok.

Later she talked about being a vegetarian again and said that she didn't want animals to die to feed her because everytime an animal dies a little piece of her dies inside like her cells or veins. I told her veins don't die they just clog up, but cells do die. Beyond that if a little piece of her dies inside now I can NO way eat meat in front of her. I am hoping that I lose some weight not eating meat...

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