Thursday, May 22, 2008


An interesting thing happened to us last night. Around 11:30 p.m. I went down opened the front door and the cat walked right in. It was dark but this is our nightly routine. Around 12:00, there was the most horrible racket screeching and smashing and utter chaos. I had just drifted off, I scrambled up as quickly as I could trying to get my bearings so I could get to the bedroom door. I opened the door and my cat ran in, and I quickly shut it almost catching ANOTHER cat in the door. The cat ran around my room and up onto my dresser.

Finding the light switch, I flick it on and look... it isn’t my cat! It is a grey and black tiger cat, but not mine. My daughter starts calling from her room, “Mom, what was that?” I ask her to come into the hall and get our cat, Diamond, and put her in the bathroom. She does and then I open my door and tell her to look on my dresser, "Sonny," she says, apparently it is a cat from across the street. Thank goodness he just let me pick him up and carry it down and out without fighting and scratching. In the meantime, our cat is like throwing herself at the bathroom door trying to get out.

When we let her out she searches everywhere while we collapse into my daughter’s bed with our hearts pounding a mile a minute. It was insane. We talked for an hour because our adrenaline was so pumped there was no way we could get back to sleep. Then I burst out laughing and my daughter said she didn’t think there was anything funny about it. This morning the first thing she said was, “Okay mom, I think it’s funny now.” and we laughed. I know one thing, I’m going to turn on the light before I let the cat in, just to be sure.


Geoff. said...

Both cats neutered? Ya know this letter code thing is a drag. Have you tried Haloscan? Makes blogging so simple. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a spare moment to read your blog, back on track again now. Best wishes to you.

teach mom said...

Geoff, I'm glad you're feeling better since your birthday ;)The cat I let in was not neutered! How did you know? Haloscan? I'll have to google that and see what it is.