Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Cleaning Vacuums

No seriously - spring-cleaning sucks! I am doing my best, but I hate it and have to take frequent breaks. I have decided today, however that when I finally get my dream house. Perhaps not the first house I will get, which will be a dream of course, but my dream dream house. I will have two huge walk in closets. One will be for summer and one will be for winter. When summer or winter is over, just close the door. Spring and all, keep them both open, you know depending on weather... Anyway, just an idea for anyone who is building their dream house! I intend to be winning the HGTV green dream house in Hilton Head, South Carolina soon and when I move down there, two closets is me, who needs a guest room anyway!

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Geoff. said...

Teach, I do my cleaning every spring! Yes, it sucks, so I get someone in to do it. Really cheap and I can just sit on the deck and watch the boats while she does it.