Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Yay!

Mother’s Day when your child is six is the best yet! For Mother’s Day my baby cooked all of the meals! Okay well “cooked” is pushing it, but prepared. For breakfast, she brought me cereal and milk in bed. For lunch, she served green beans and iced coffee. For dinner the little chef cut up fresh veges and turkey kielbasa. So it was really nice. She made me a card and a little Styrofoam ball tucked in a cup wrapped with fabric. The ball had pipe cleaners in it to make a flower. It is beautiful modern art! Also with that was a lovely card. Later that morning I was teaching and went into my purse for a pen and there was another wonderful Mother’s Day card inside. It said to have an aswome Mother’s Day. We walked for an hour that day, and played outside the rest of the day. Besides doing laundry at the laundrymat, because life goes on, it was the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever had.


Claudia said...

Hi! I'm so happy you had such a good day. I made a scrapbook with all the cards my sons made when they were young. They are near their 50's now. I still keep all the cards they send me...Mothers are funny beings!

Thank you for the music!

Tracy said...

She is an amazing kid! I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day!

teacher mom said...

Claudia, That is such a wonderful idea! What fun it must be to flip through. I think I'll follow your lead.
I am also starting to save a couple of my daughter's T-shirts each year, just my favorites, and when she is older I intend to make a quilt with them.