Monday, May 5, 2008

Kids for president!

My 6 year old always talks about what she will do when she becomes president. I thought I would compile a list:

“When I become president I will:

...tell all kids when their bedtime will be.”
...go to all of the schools and give every child a book of their own.”
(Addendum)...give every child a book and give all of the nurses in schools lots of medicine for free that the kids need.”
...teach everyone to sing Nigerian songs.”
...decide what gas station should charge for gas. (I wonder where she got that one.)” to the presidents of other countries and see how I can help them.”
...obviously help everyone who needs help.”
...give out art supplies to anyone who needs them."
...have everyone ride hovercraft brooms like on Harry Potter but cooler with polka dots and silver streamers."

She cracks me up! I think it's a pretty good platform.

Oooh I forgot the best one: "Ask not what you can do for me, ask what I can do for you."

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Claudia said...

It makes a lot more sense than what I hear elsewhere. She has my vote!...