Friday, May 9, 2008

Teacher Workshop Day

Teacher Workshop Day was fun. I wish I was able to get more of my own personal work done but... I was sitting with my esteemed teaching team writing rubrics and it was so much fun trying to find the perfect words for these rubrics that the kids barely look at. They barely look at them but we agonize over each word, so they know exactly on what they are being graded. The ridiculous things we came up with were so funny. We make these alone all of the time, but they are fun to make with friends!

We did a teacher’s scavenger hunt and I had my favorite economics teacher on my team. This teacher is so positive and energetic; you just feed off his positivity. And funny, he is funny. I have learned a great deal from him especially about relating to the students. So all in all it was a great workshop day.

I stopped in to the ladies room on the way to lunch to check the mirror. My department ate lunch together and I wrote this poem while we were eating:

I look in the mirror
and what do I see,
it’s surely not my
face staring back at me.

The shape is distorted,
too long and too wide.
The nose kinda crooked,
it just can’t be mine.

My blond hair is gone.
Whose black part
is that? Surely not mine,
or I would’ve worn a hat.

It’s a trick mirror
from what I can tell,
and when I stand sideways,
Holy crap!
What the hell?


Claudia said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love reading about your interesting life with your daughter and students. As always, thank you for the music.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Claudia! Happy Mother's Day to you to!