Friday, May 2, 2008

Virtual tree for you and me

I went to (link in Links I Love) and planted a virtual tree. They will email once a week to remind me to reduce my carbon emissions with tips I’m sure, which is nice. You can choose one of three forests and one of three trees. First, you take a quiz and I am pretty “green” except that I drive to work everyday and don’t see that changing in the future. I was pretty good on the rest of them, except I do dry all of my dryer dryable clothes in the dryer. But I am already at the laundromat, so why schlep home heavy wet clothes. When we buy our little dream house and I have my own laundry, I will be sure to put up a clothes rack in the back. Take the quiz see how you are doing. You get to name your tree and then can search for it in the forest. You can also see what tips other people need to work on by their trees. My daughter and I had fun looking for our tree; we never found it so they allow you to search for it. More cool internet fun stuff.

Now, if you want to plant a real tree to help our environment go to American Forests website (link over there~). It says in their website that not only are they the oldest nonprofit citizens organization but also that "every dollar you give to a tree planting project plants one tree in the right place for the right reason." They have a lot of projects you can choose from including Trees for the Environment, although Trees for Tigers sounds good, expand Siberian Tiger habitat. And I don't know what the IKEA project is, but is it trees for their furniture? I dunno. Okay no, that would have been funny though. I checked it is a forest to reduce carbon emissions and every family needs to plant 30 trees to offest their daily carbon use. So, a global cooling forest. Hmmm. I may have to get my daughter another can...

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