Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Friends,

The world's scientists are calling for immediate and urgent action on global warming. The good news is that we have the science, technologies and policies necessary to stop it. What's needed is action by concerned people like you and me.
That's why I've joined with Al Gore and others across the country and around the world who want to halt global warming.

We're on the verge of being over one million strong and I'm asking you to join us. Please click link to stop global warming in the links I love on the right to become part of the solutions to global warming.

We need to come together and demand our leaders take the steps necessary to ensure our children and their children have a positive future. That's why I'm asking you to get involved today. Together, we can stop global warming.


Geoff. said...

Well, we can't all agree on everything. Only some scientists support AGW and some don't. I support the 'some' that don't. You may care to explore a contra opinion, of which there are many, which appeared in Australia's leading paper during this week.
Unfortunately the whole argument is involving so much money now that it will continue forever.
P.S. I am otherwise a 'greeny' though.

Claudia in Toronto said...

Like Geoff, I'm a "greeny". Have been for a long time. I don't support AGW. I read too many serious scientific articles debunking it. So much money involved before facts were proven right or wrong. The debate will last for as long as the world lives.

Teacher mom said...

All I know for sure is that we really ought to cut down on our pollutants in the air, the sea, the ground, etc... As long as we are all in agreement on that I think we are all fighting the same battle!

Claudia in Toronto said...

Dear Teacher Mom - I totally agree on that. I live downtown Toronto. So many cars! I can hardly breathe when I go out. I think cars should be restricted in a city. I also changed all the light bulbs for economy. I follow all the new rules for disposal of garbage. Much cleaner! I also buy organic products for health reasons. I agree with smokers'ban. Anything to improve quality of life.

There is a climate change. We had a terrible winter. More snow, and colder than ever (since 1936). It's global warming, and all the hype that I don't believe in. Not scientifically proven. Too much money involved for too many people.

All the best. Thank you for the music.It's so pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher Mom,

I recently left my job of 19 years to work for a "green" company. What an eye opener it has been! While most of us do believe that there is a definite climate shift happening, I think that the term "Global Warming" can be misleading. I perfer the term "Global Wierding". I live along the northern California coastline and have noticed that the fog, which is prevelant in the summer, has been decreasing. We have had another year of insufficient rainfall and a colder than normal winter. As a matter of fact the weatherman at one of our local news stations explained the cooler weather on colder waters in the Pacific. None of this sounds like "Global Warming", but ceratinly "Global Wierding!" So even if we can't agree on what is happening, we have to agree that it would improve the quality of life for EVERYONE on the planet!