Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's Make a Daylight Deal!

Time for the daylight savings time change. Again. It is spring so we must spring ahead. This technically means we lose an hour and we won’t find it again until the fall. Story of my life, I am often losing things. I hate to lose an hour of time though. Time is the one thing I already don’t have enough of. Apparently, now we will be in harmony with Canada, which is nice. What I thought was even nicer was waking up with the bright sun shining last week, instead of waking up in the dark. I was bitching about this and wanted to know why, because there are unfortunately not many farmers left in the U.S. and that was why it started, I believe. I was looking through the net and found out that this is actually earlier than usual because daylight savings time has been extended for four weeks. This is only the second year we have done this. Now before you groan as I did before I knew why, it is actually because we are supposed to save energy. It should reduce our use of power to light our businesses and homes and save 10,000 barrels of oil each day! 10,000 of oil saved each day, excellent, so I would like to ask the government and the oil companies since we are saving so much oil each day during daylight savings time, can we reduce the price of gas to under $3 a gallon? I think that would be a fair trade off for having to wake up in the dark again!

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Geoff. said...

Our DST has been extended by a month for the first time this year and we are on summer time until April 6th. We're getting up in the dark now. It is still dark at 6.30am but daylight 'til about 8.00pm. It is worth it for the extra month of barbecues.:)