Monday, March 17, 2008


My day. I am driving a Lumina with a rod knock that was broken, but the mechanic got running temporarily until I buy a car. I am all ready to go to work and ta-da, no keys. My daughter and I searched for 15 minutes. Get her off to school and still no keys. Now I am going to be late, and you know how I feel about being late! Luckily, I show up a ½ hour early, so I had leeway. No keys anywhere, not under or in the couch, not in my purse, not in any of the numerous bags and backpacks we have in the kitchen, not in the laundry, not in any coat pocket, not in the dump, and most importantly not in either of the two key spots that we have! Now I am going to be late, I call the teacher I share the room with and ask her if she would start my class if I don’t get there. I run to the neighbor, she says just take my car for the day. Whew I can make it, get in her car and gruhhhh, gruhhhhh, gruhhhhh - dead battery. Now I cry. My neighbor takes me to work and I call the fabulous teacher that I work with again and tell her I’ll really be ten minutes late, now I am beyond upset. She suggests that I might want to stop for some coffee, or basically get myself together! Oh yeah, and I'm sick and my throat hurts too.

After work I find my keys after a ½ hour more looking, you will never guess where - behind a table. They hadn’t fallen down they were wedged between the table and the wall but when you walked by you couldn’t see them at all. Then I'm off to help a friend and be a witness at court, tra la la la la. I run out of gas on my way over! No way! I forgot the gas gauge was broken. Why? Why I had to ask? Luckily there was a fire station at the end of the road, and the kind (&cute) firefighters had a gas can with gas in it. I was a little late to court, but didn’t miss my turn to help. Whew.

Now I am home with my little girl, we played outside, a yummy dinner is in the oven, and you know what it wasn’t such a bad day after all! I don’t know why we all end up having days like that, maybe I’m supposed to learn not to freak out. I did not learn my lesson this morning, this afternoon however, I did not freak out, just handled it the best I could. I hope I hurry up and learn this lesson, because days like this are trying on a person. Tomorrow my goal is, get up, get to work, get home, and have a nice evening. That’s it. My boss is observing me tomorrow and normally I am petrified, but I really feel that if I get to work with no problems, I am not going to freak out about the observation. I’m lucky to be alive, lucky that G-d gave me the daughter he did, and lucky to be me. Obviously, I'm not Irish and I hope everyone who is had a lucky St. Pat's Day!

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