Monday, March 24, 2008

Once upon a movie...

Here is another movie review; I actually don’t usually recommend movies. For instance I watched Harry Potter lose his virginity last night on December Boys, but I’m not recommending that movie, or the Almost a Woman movie I watched the other day. However, I really must recommend the movie Once that I just saw. It continues on my musical theme that started with August Rush (still haven’t see that, rush right out!). The movie Once is an Irish movie and the girl star is from Czechoslovakia. The Irish star is a street musician. The movie was made in only 17 days and cost less than 150K. Proof that moviemakers don’t need to spend millions, and months and months to entertain us. I don't want to say more and give anything away. This is a wonderful story, wonderful music, if you want to smile on the inside watch this film!


Saw Lady said...


I watched 'Once' a few days ago. A friend lent me the DVD saying I have to watch it because it's about a street performer (and I am one, too). The scene where the busker runs after a guy who stole money from his bag rang very true - I had that happen to me, too, and it ended the same way as in the movie. From there on the movie kept growing on me as it went on.

I also agree with you about "Harry Potter" in the "December Boys" - not nearly as good as "Once".

All the best,

Saw Lady

Teacher mom said...

Saw Lady, I checked out your blog. I'm so glad you have sound on it. Your music is so cool! I can't believe someone would try to steal your money out on the street. Some people!